The Folding House

Folding Roof + Folding Floor = The Folding House Tucked in the scenic village of Kafra in southern Lebanon, the folding house mediates the client’s desire for ample terrace space with steep topographic constraints. Traditional terracing would ultimately transform the street view into a series of successive monolithic walls that cover the green and lush terrain with hard scape. Alternatively, the expansive roof of the house and the series of interconnected hardscapes act as an intermediary threshold between the residence and the landscape, creating a unique spatial experience between the interior and the remarkable panoramic vistas, while allowing two thirds of the site to remain intact as green landscape. The folding surface of the residence becomes an external circulatory loop that allows the exploration of the landscape through these distinct exterior and intermediary social spaces. Ultimately, the residence becomes a series of experiential spatial episodes; the distant greater landscape registered through the intimate interior. The folding roof is transformed into a viewing platform. The folding roof enables a series of distinct social spaces, natural vistas to experience the lush landscape. Accessible from various parts of the house, it becomes a natural extension to the interior spaces. A spatial and visual interconnection between house and nature is created. The threshold between inside and out is blurred.

The Folding House / Kafra, Lebanon / 2012/ 2000sqm

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