Le Grand Parc Towers

Chaotic construction during the Lebanese civil war followed by frantic development with an absence of proper urban design guidelines, have transformed the city of Beirut into a concrete jungle. “Le Grand Parc” is the first private development with a public urban intervention addressing this issue. The project creates a large urban park as a main visual focal point from the main street frontage of the plot. The built residences frame the interior courtyard, an extension to the public plaza. The courtyard performs as a main axis linking the plaza to the elevated open park. The floor plan offers maximum flexibility to ensure a variety of housing unit types. Instead of working with the developer’s repetitive floor typology, more than thirty types of units are developed. The façade is a result of the changing Performa based on market demand. A series of facades change based on the different tenants and their choice of units. The shifting views add a second layer of distinction to both the interior units and the overall façade. The apartments shift based on the open views, the park on the lower levels and the sea in the upper floors.

Le Grand Parc Towers / Beirut, Lebanon / 2013 / 50,000sqm

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