Riviera Roofs

A plot initially intended as lush gardens, an extension to an adjoining residential development, is now repurposed by the developer to include more than five thousand square meters of built up area and seven private pools. Additional construction would eliminate a substantial amount of greenery and replace it with increased residential density. To the detriment of the residents of more than 139 apartments minimal if any green public space would remain, and all garden views would be replaced by the newly constructed units. The site intervention begins with a modification of the existing terrain to achieve the developer’s required built up area without jeopardizing the green public space. The proposed design conceals the villas below the terrain, transformed into a green roof. The existing sloping topography further facilitates the integration of the villas below the gradually undulating roof. This subtle gesture maintains the same initial landscaped surface area and safeguards the expansive garden views. The seven pools are placed within the site setback, interlinked to create a linear elongated pond forming the semi-private bathing areas. Each villa sits on a bed of water allowing direct access from the living space into the swimming area. Double height private outdoor areas act as a natural extension between the inside and out, allowing residents to enjoy the year-long mild climate while still offering shelter from the tropical sun and rains. The open spaces act as natural chimneys allowing for natural ventilation and passive cooling. The undulating roof accommodates five terraces, social gathering spaces within the lush landscape.

Riviera Roofs / Abidjan, Ivory Coast / 2015 / 3,000sqm

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