Practice Profile
Domaine Public Architects was founded in 2012 by graduates from Harvard University. Our diverse portfolio of work includes projects in the United States, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico and the Middle East. Our experience ranges from galleries, apartments, private houses, hotels, to large scale residential projects and master-plans. The practice provides full architectural, landscape and interior design, masterplanning and furniture design services for public and private clients.
Design Philosophy
The practice is driven by an analytical approach, rather than a specific architectural style. Domaine Public Architects creates spaces derived from the specificity of context, historical precedent, and an understanding of functional needs.
We believe design is the refined synthesis of specific key variables, that when combined materialize in innovative design. These variables may change based on client needs, budget, desired program, and site. It is through thorough analysis, rigorous critical thinking, sensitivity to materials and geometry, and intensive dialogue with all parties involved, that we capitalize on these variables to develop our inventive body of work.

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