Foundation Profile

The Domaine Public Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2013. It is funded through the Beirut Homes Group, hotel guests , generous donors and corporations that support its mission.

The Foundation seeks to build a better future for the city of Beirut through finding effective solutions to existing social, cultural, urban and environmental problems. Its aim is to improve public space within the city, and establish public programs that enhance the lives of the residents of Beirut, both permanent and transient. Through innovative initiatives the foundation strives to make Beirut, a safer, healthier, more dynamic city.

Foundation Partners

The foundation collaborates with a number of nonprofit organizations and emphasizes joint ventures with the private and public sector to achieve its goals. The foundation brings talented individuals and experienced organizations to serve vital city needs.

Foundation Programs

A number of proposed programs include:

Public Housing Initiative
Citywide Planting Tree initiative
Promotion of Public Art
Renovation of Public Use Buildings
Urban Planning Initiative Proposal
Proposal of Memorials to Commemorate Historically Significant Events and Personalities
Enhancement of Existing Public Space
Restoration and Preservation of Historical Buildings
Cool Roofs Initiative: Promoting and facilitating the cooling of Beirut’s rooftops

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